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Full System Clean Virus Removal

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A slow system can be caused by many things, such as

viruses & spyware, pop ups, toolbars & general clutter or

even a failing hard drive.

Here at Easy-PC we don't believe in people spending money unnecessarily so if we feel that it could be a failing hard drive

causing it to run slow then we will fully test the drive first free of charge

because all the cleaning in the world is not going to fix a

faulty hard drive and we will inform you first if we find any problems

and you are under no obligation to have the work done.

A full system clean includes removal of all viruses, Malware, and any other nasties and rubbish that can get installed without your consent.

We then install all the latest Windows updates,

software updates and make sure your security is working as it should

be and your computer is safe and working the best it can.

We also blow out from the fans and heatsink to help stop your computer getting too hot which can cause a lot of damage

Screen Replacement

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Laptops screens can get damaged very easily especially

as they are getting lighter and thinner.

So if yours looks anything like this one or you are getting

coloured lines, a flickering screen or maybe no display at all 

then we can replace it for you.

All screen repairs come with a 3 months warranty

Hard Drive Replacement

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If we believe that the hard drive might be faulty

then providing your drive can be recognised by our

testing software then we will fully test your drive

and if problems are found then we will issue you with a

printout of the results which will include the serial number of your

drive as we don't expect our customers to just take our word for it.

If Your hard drive is found to be faulty, you are under no obligation

to have the work done and we will not charge you for testing it.

We don't only install Windows we install all the latest updates,

all standard software and antivirus software and

recover any data from your old hard drive if possible

and transfer it onto your new drive.

All new hard drives come with a 12 months warranty.

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Opening Times: Mon - Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm, Closed Sunday

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