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If you have a broken HDMI port and are getting the

White Light Of Death (WLOD)
then we can replace your HDMI port

and get you back up and running again

usually the same day

We fit the new updated version (V2) HDMI port

£45.00 Supplied & fitted with 3 Months warranty

This repair needs specialist soldering equipment

due to the amount of heat needed to remove the

port from the board and cannot be done using

a home soldering iron

Image description

The new updated
version 2 HDMI port with a

completely enclosed back
giving a lot more support
to the pins

Original HDMI Port fitted by Sony with no support on the back allowing for the pins to be easily pushed through from the front when connecting the HDMI cable

Image description
Corrosion around display connector
Corrosion around display connector
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Opening Times: Mon - Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm, Closed Sunday

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