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We cover most types of Apple iPad repairs

If you are not sure what is wrong with your Apple iPad

then we can give you a free no obligation quote with  No fix, No fee.

We can replace broken screens on most models of iPads.

All prices are supply & fit and come with a full 6 months warranty

Prices are for the touch screen only (the part you swipe with your finger)

and does not include the display underneath


We do not fit cheap Chinese screens from Ebay or Amazon

It is imposible to buy genuine parts regardless of what people tell you as Apple only make their parts availiable to authorised repair centres

at a hefty premium, Check out Apples pricing in the link below


The screens we fit are are as close to or are made from the same materials

and to the same specifications as the genuine ones

iPad 1,2,3,4..........................£70.00
iPad Mini 1,2,3......................£70.00
iPad Air 1..............................£70.00

iPad 9.7" (2017)....................£70.00

Please call for a repair price for the iPad Pros, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4

as the touchscreen is bonded to the display

and can be very expensive to repair

Image description

Most charging problems with iPads are usually caused by

using cheap charging cables.

The picture on the left is a genuine Apple MFi (Made For iPod, iPhone, iPad Devices) cable connector that tells the phone it is OK to charge, and the phone's internal over-voltage protection is deferred to the lightning connector. The problem comes in when a cheap copy cable is used; the

over-voltage protection is either non-existent or insufficient, and a power spike can burn up the charging circuit within your iPhone.

If you are having problems with your device not charging

then we may be able to repair it for you.

Before contacting us there are a few things you can try first.

First try cleaning the charging port on your device using an old toothbrush as the charging ports are very prone to collecting grime also try a known good charging cable and a different mains adaptor as if this

is not putting out enough power then your device will not charge.

Image description

This is the genuine

Apple MFi cable

with the certified charging

protection chips

Image description

This is a cheap or fake charging cable without charging protection and the tiny chips you see basically fool your device into thinking its a certified cable

Image description
Corrosion around display connector
Corrosion around display connector
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